Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

[PREVIEW] Catrice Sortimentsumstellung im Februar 2012

Hallo (:
Ich habe die Liste der Produkte welches bald das Catrice Standardsortiment verlassen werden für euch:

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow
030 Who Is Kermit ?
040 In The Army Now
050 The Noble Knights
060 I Love Champagne
100 Welcome To Miami Peach
120 My Souvenir From Moon
190 Petrol Keeps Me Running250 Swimming With Dolphins
300 Pink Rock Super Star330 I think I've Green You Before
380 Carbon Bleu

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Duo Eyeshadow
(alle Farben werden das Sortiment verlassen)
010 Mars Attacks
030 Once In A Blue Moon
060 Knight Rider Is Calling
070 Double Espresso Macchiato, Please!
080 Help! I Am Stranded
090 Pink! Pink! Pink!

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow
010 The Season's Must Have
020 Go Green - Take me!

CATRICE Smokey Eyes Set
020 Smog over Hong Kong

CATRICE Liquid Eyeliner
020 My Glamourized Me 
030 I Am Golden Sandy
040 Go, Get Bronzed

CATRICE Glamorous Mascara
010 Blackest Black

CATRICE our best LENGTH ever Mascara
010 Black

CATRICE our best VOLUME ever Mascara
010 Black

CATRICE Eyeshadow Brush Applicator

CATRICE Lip Appeal – Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss
010 Daddy's Girl
100 Red-y, Steady, Go!

CATRICE Colour Show – Colour & Stay Lip Gloss
040 Strike A Pose! 
100 Sun Kissed110 OohLaLaVendar

CATRICE Ultimate Shine - Lip Colour
020 Metal Dust
040 Berry Me!
070 It's Robin Wood
100 Fall-ing Leaves
150 Berry Pink

CATRICE Ultimate Colour - Lip Colour
090 Like My High Heels
120 Call The Ambulance
170 After Work Wine

CATRICE Matt Mousse Make-up
060 Sun Beige

CATRICE Infinite Matt Make-up
050 Sun Beige

CATRICE Defining Duo Blush
040 Chocolate Cream
CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer
120 Plum Play With Me
130 Lucky In Lilac
140 Let's Mauve On!
320 Back To Black
340 Run Forest Run!380 Forget-Me-Not!
430 Purplelized
440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
450 Sand Francisco
460 In The Bronx
470 Snow Motion!
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded
490 Iron Mermaiden
500 Sir! Yes, Sir!
540 Am I Blue Or Green?
580 Blues Brother Vol. II
590 Jade Is Not My Name
660 I'm A Star…

CATRICE Ultimate Nudes
060 Mona Lisa Is Staring Back

CATRICE Prismatic Effects Top Coat

CARICE Frosting Top Coat

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